They're searching tall grass, looking for the tiny, blood sucking ticks spreading Lyme disease.


"Yes, I think, I think everybody, in the back of their mind is, you know, worried about it a little bit."
*in the back of their mind=頭の中に抱く


Researchers say a growing number of infected ticks are migrating north from the US, likely a result of climate change. The number of reported cased went up from one hundred and twenty eight in two thousand and nine to over seven hundred last year. Canada's top doctor is sounding the alarm.
* migrating=migrate移動する climate change=気候変動 sounding=sound(音を)鳴らす


"The numbers could be in several thousands in the next few years."


And Lyme disease is uncharted territory for a lot of doctors.
* uncharted=未知の


"If they're like me, they went to med school and were told Lyme disease isn't something that people get here. Now it really is."


If detected early a short course of antibiotics cures most people. Left untreated Lyme disease can look like anything from a skin rash, or arthritis to heart problems and even meningitis, leaving some patients desperate for a diagnosis.
*detected=detect探知する・発見する desperate=必死になる


"People felt that it was hopeless, people, some people were even talking about considering suicide as an option, which was, was very distressing."
*considering=consider(考慮に入れる) suicide=自殺 distressing=悲惨な


Patients had a chance to share their experiences with doctors and policy makers this week at a Lyme disease conference. Experts say new tests, for what some say is a chronic version of the disease are on the horizon. However treatment at that late stage is unclear.


"There is some controversies and disagreements on what's the best treatment but we need science and evidence to support and tell us what's the best treatment is."
*controversies=controversy(議論) disagreements=論争


In the meantime, prevention is key. Covering up, tucking your pants into your socks, and using a bug repellent containing DEET go a long ways.
*In the meantime=一方で、の間に tucking A into B=AをBの中に入れる a bug repellent=虫よけスプレー containing=contain含む go a long ways=意味がある、重要である


"You have to know that an engorged tick looks like a big freckle that wasn't there before."
*engorged=膨らんだ freckle=シミ


Scan your skin, your children and your pets for ticks, they can be carefully removed with tweezers, not pretty, but it works.


Cristine Birak, CBC News, Toronto.