Kaylan Fong is almost three months old. That means her chances of getting asthma might already be decided based on the bacteria that’s living inside her gut.

Kaylan Fongちゃんはまもなく3ヶ月なります。彼女が喘息にかかる確率は彼女の腸内細菌によってこの時点ですでに確定されている可能性があります。

That's the finding of new research from this UBC scientist. Brett Finnley collected fecal samples from more than 300 infants and then catalogued all the bacteria in that baby poop. He discovered that the kids with the highest risk of getting asthma also had the lowest levels of four particular types of bacteria. *fecal = 糞便の poop = 糞便という意味のスラング *asthma = 喘息

これは新たなUBC大学の研究者らの研究で明らかになりました。UBC大学の研究者Brett Finnleyは300人以上の乳幼児から便のサンプルを採取し、サンプルに含まれる全ての細菌を分類しました。その結果、ある4種類の細菌の数が少ないければ少ないほど子供が喘息にかかる危険性が高まるという結果がでました。

"If you have these four bugs, you may simply have way less chance of getting asthma." *bugs =微生物や虫などを意味するスラング、ばい菌


The theory is that the bacteria interact with human cells to build a stronger immune system and one explanation for increasing rates of asthma is the Hygiene Hypothesis; that our environments are too clean. *interact with ~ = ~と作用する *explanation = 説明 *Hygiene Hypothesis = 衛生説(環境生成の向上がアレルギー性疾患罹患と関連するという説)


"I think this study emphasizes the fact that the bacteria that are around us are actually really critical for our health and so being broadly exposed is actually beneficial for children’s health." *emphasize = 強調する broadly = 広く、広範に


"There is a ton of smoking guns suggesting that this is the first real proof that here are certain microbes that seem to impact whether or not you get asthma later on in life."


Finnley says the research suggests that parents can relax and stop worrying so much about exposing babies to bacteria in the environment.


"Let them crawl on the floor, let them lick the floor. I mean watch a kid in action. They're basically hoovering everything they can into their mouth. Maybe there is a reason for that, maybe they are trying to colonize themselves early in life." *crawl = ハイハイする *lick =舐める *hoovering = colonize = 定着する


The next step is to find out more about these four bugs and perhaps one day be able to screen babies and deliberately expose them to the bacteria if they don’t have it naturally. *deliberately = 意図を持って


Kelly Crowe, CBC News, Toronto.