The police in Ontario are the latest to warn about a dangerous drug being abused on Canadian streets, Fentanyl. Throughout the summer across the country, it’s led to overdoses, some of those fatal. Fentanyl is a powerful painkiller. A lethal dose can weigh as little as a couple of grains of salt. And people are dying. One estimate says between two thousand and nine and twenty fourteen, Fentanyl was linked to over six hundred deaths and it’s a problem in every province in one form or another. Why are we seeing a surge now? Christine Birak has more. *abused = abuse(乱用する)の受身 it’s led =it has led(lead引き起こす)の現在完了形 grain =粒子 province =州 surge =急上昇

オンタリオ州の警察はカナダで危険なドラッグとして乱用されているフェンタニルに関する警告を近く発表する予定です。フェンタニルはこの夏、カナダ全土で致死的なケースも含めた過量摂取を引き起こしました。フェンタニルは強い鎮静剤です。致死量は塩の粒子数粒程度とほぼ同じ重さになります。ある概算によれば、2009年~2014年の間でフェンタニルは600件以上の死亡者数と関連しており、全ての州で、形は様々であれど問題となっています。(この問題の)急な悪化はなぜ起きているのでしょうか。Christine Birakが続けてお伝えします。

The faces of Fentanyl overdoses, from teenagers to young parents, some recreational, others hard-core users.


"The misuse of Fentanyl is having a devastating impact in many communities throughout Canada." *devastating =衝撃的な、壊滅的な


Toronto Police joined other forces across the country today warning of Fentanyl abuse. The drug requires a prescription and comes in many forms, most commonly a skin patch that slowly releases the drug into a patient's body over three days. Several were recently stolen from a patient in Toronto. *stolen =steal


"Scraping off this medication and smoking it or sucking the drug out of the patch, can make a single patch, in fact lethal." *Scraping = こそげ落とす sucking = で吸い出す


Fentanyl has been around for over fifty years, so many are asking why we are seeing a spike in related deaths now. *spike=急な上昇


"Doctors have created a market for these drugs."


Doctor David Yerling says that there is a combination of factors beginning twenty years ago with the over-prescription of powerful pain killers like Fentanyl and Oxycontin.

David Yerling 医師は複数の因子が重なった結果であり、20年前のフェンタニルやオキシコンチンなどの強い鎮静剤の過剰処方 に端を欲すると言います。

"We've helped some people in the process. We've hurt others, and specifically we've caused people to become dependent, and even addicted to these drugs." *dependent = 依存する addicted=中毒になる


Wide spread abuse of Oxycontin led to changes in its formula, just a few years ago making it hard to mix with other drugs. For dealers and users Fentanyl filled the void. Readily made in China and Mexico, unlike other painkillers the raw material used to make Fentanyl isn't a controlled substance. *void = 空白 readily = 用意に controlled substance = 規制薬物


"If you're a sophisticated chemist with a good lab, you can make Fentanyl on a very large scale and package it however you want." *sophisticated = 精巧な、教養のある


Both doctors and Police say one way to curb the Fentanyl crisis is for patients to return those prescription patches to hospitals or pharmacies because even that little bit left over inside can kill, Christina Birak, CBC News, Toronto. *curb = 抑制する

医師と警察は共に、フェンタニル危機を抑制する一つの方法は、患者さんらがこれらの処方箋パッチ剤を病院や薬局に戻すことだと言っています。パッチ剤の内側に残った少量の薬も死をもたらすことがあるからです。CBCニュースのChristina Birak、トロントからの報告でした。