Well it’s a drug that used to help treat people with tuberculosis and chronic lung infections but an Ontario woman says she’s having a hard time finding it right now and she’s not the only one scrambling, Stephanie Matisse has that story.*Scrambling=急いでいる、慌てている

その薬は結核や慢性肺疾患の患者さんの治療に使われていますが、オンタリオ州在住のある女性は現在その薬を手に入れるのに苦労していると言います。慌てているのは彼女だけではありません。Stephanie Matisseの報告です。

"four and half…"


Karry Chenier has a chronic lung infection.

Karry Chenierさんは慢性の肺疾患を患っています。

"I couldn’t breathe, I just could not breathe."


To treat it she takes four medications, for one of them, Ethambutol, she’s down to her last few pills.


"And that will be the end of them."


She still needs the medication but she can’t find anywhere to refill the prescription.


"I went into the drug store and he said, we can’t get this anymore, he said we may be able to get it in September, but we don’t think so."


The drug maker, Valiant Pharmaceuticals is in the process of changing where Ethambutol is made, and to prevent stockpiling, it’s rationing its supplies. Though the company insists that any Canadian who needs it should be able to get it right now. *stockpiling=買占め、備蓄 *ration=配給する、配給量を制限する

この薬の製薬メーカーであるValiant Pharmaceuticalsはエタンブトール製造場所を変更するプロセスを踏んでいるところであり、買占めを防ぐために供給は配給制となっています。けれど当の製薬会社は、この薬を必要とするカナダ人は誰でも今すぐにこの薬の入手が可能だと主張しています。

This government website acknowledges there is a delay but it doesn’t say what people should do about it. Canada doesn’t track the number of people with infections like Chenier’s but the drug is also a crucial part of treating tuberculosis which sixteen hundred Canadians are dealing with every year. *acknowledge=認める、認識する *delay=遅延 *track=追跡する *deal with=~に対処する


"There is no availability of Ethambutol, at all."


This respiratory specialist says there is no known safe substitute for Ethambutol. His hospital is stockpiling the drug for its TB patients. He thinks there is enough to last them until September, when his supplier says more should become available. *substitute=代替


"Toronto Western is stuck just like the pharmacies everywhere else." *be stuck=身動きが取れない、行き詰った


And that leaves Chenier still searching. *leave~=~の状態に放置する


"Good afternoon, pharmacy." "Hi, its Karry Chenier calling. How are you?"

“こんにちは、薬局です。““こんにちは。Karry Chenierです。“

So she keeps checking her pharmacy. Meanwhile Health Canada says it’s keeping an eye on the situation but also says that there is no critical national shortage of the drug, Stephanie Matisse, CBC News, Toronto.

彼女は自分のかかりつけ薬局に連絡をとり続けています。それと同時にカナダ医薬品規制当局はこの状況を監視し続けると言う一方で、深刻な国家規模の薬不足には陥ってないと主張しています。CBC ニュース、Stephane Mattiseの報告でした。