We are back with health news. This news will be of particular interest to the 73 million Americans who suffer from high cholesterol, think about that, that’s one out of every three adults. This week an FDA advisory panel is considering whether to recommend that the FDA approve a new class of cholesterol lowering drugs that some top cardiologists are calling a breakthrough in the fight against heart disease.


NBC's Tom Costello has details.

NBCのTom Costelloが詳細をお伝えします。

Diane Solhan is on the cutting edge of what doctors are calling a new frontier in fending off heart disease. Living with dangerously high hereditary cholesterol, she was unable to take standard cholesterol lowering drugs called statins because of the side-effects.

Diane Solhanさんは、医師らが心疾患予防の新たな分野と呼ぶ最前線にいます。彼女のコレステロール値は危険なほど高い値にありながら、スタチンと呼ばれるスタンダードな抗高脂血症薬を、副作用が理由で服用することが出来ませんでした。

"It just would never go away, and I mean, truthfully, it was from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, everything ached." So the doctors put her on a new class of experimental class of drugs that she injects a few times a month. Very quickly, her LDL, the so called bad cholesterol, dropped dramatically, from 320 down to 72 with no side effects.


"These drugs are breakthrough drugs, they’re blockbuster drugs, that are very likely gonna have a big impact."


Researchers say when used with statins the new drugs lower cholesterol by 50 to 70 percent, critical since heart disease remains the leading cause of death for both men and women. 28 percent of people over the age of 40 now take a statin like Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor to lower cholesterol.

スタチンとの併用でコレステロールを50-70%低下させると研究者らは言います。男女共に心疾患が死亡原因のトップにある中で、重要な意味を持つものです。40歳以上の人の28%がコレステロールを下げるためにLipitor, Crestor, Zocorといったスタチンを服用しています。

"There has been a lot of controversy. It seems about it, but actually there is little scientific debate at this point in time. A high cholesterol levels certainly raises the risk of heart disease, including heart attacks."


Statins also lower the risk of stroke but more than a million statin users experience debilitating muscle pain. So far the known side effects of this new drug are a small number of patients reporting confusion or memory loss.


The biggest challenge could be the cost, by some early estimates, ten thousand dollars per year.


As for Diane Solhan, her cholesterol is down and her quality of life……

Diane Solhanに関して言えば、彼女のコレステロールは低下し、QOLは…

"I could run and play with my grandkids, that before I couldn’t."


……is pain-free.