The past few days we have been bringing you a CBC Marketplace Investigation, looking at problems at local pharmacies, things like dispensing errors and failures to warn people of potentially serious drug interactions. Now a woman from Surrey is coming forward after watching our coverage with a story of her own, here is Eric Rankin.

ここ数日間、CBC Marketplace Investigation (注:テレビ番組の一つ)では地域の薬局で起こっている問題に迫っています。その問題とは、例えば調剤過誤や患者さんへの起こりうる重大な相互作用に対する注意喚起の怠慢などです。今日は、Surrey(注:カナダはBC州に位置する町の名前)から一人の女性が、彼女私達(CBC)の番組を見て、彼女自身に起こった一件を話しにきてくれました。Eric Rankinさん、お願いします。

Debbie Macdonald says if it wasn’t for our stories, there could have been a medical tragedy in her family. On Monday she picked up her son’s acne prescription.

Debbi Macdonaldさんは、もし我々(CBC)のニュースを見ていなければ、家族が医療事故に巻き込まれていただろう、と話しています。月曜日に彼女は息子のにきびの処方薬を受け取りました。

So here is the medication, that came this way here and it says on it, you can see really clearly, it’s got his name, it’s got Accutane forty milligrams. When her eighteen year old son Kevin opened the pill container he noticed the pills were different. On the alert, after watching our series, he googled the pills’ imprinted ID number and discovered instead of the labelled Accutane, he had Accupril, a completely different drug.


He told me he said “oh mom, this is Accupril.” I said, it can’t be Accupril Kevin, and I said that to him "Kevin, this cannot be Accupril."

息子は私に、“これはAccuprilだよ“と言いましたが、私は”Kevin, Accuprilであるはずが無いじゃない“と返しました。

As a veteran dental hygienist Debbie just happened to know Accupril is used to lower high blood pressure. Kevin’s teenage blood-pressure would have plunged, potentially catastrophic because he’s a novice pilot just learning to fly solo, he could have passed out alone at the controls.


It could have been a tragic ending for something that you know, something that I think if there were checks and balances in place, wouldn’t have happened.


But when Debbie contacted the Surrey London Drugs that made the mistake, she says the pharmacist was defensive until the manager got involved.

それにもかかわらず、DebbiがSurreyにあるLondon Drugs(注:大手の薬局チェーン店)、調剤過誤を犯した店舗ですが、そこに連絡を入れたとき、薬剤師は店舗のマネージャーが出てくるまで言い訳ばかりしていた、とDebbiは言っています。

He was very apologetic and very concerned that something went amiss in his pharmacy, for sure.


The body that governs B.C. pharmacists wants to hear from Debbie.


And then have a conversation , obviously , with the pharmacist or the pharmacy that was involved.


London Drugs has issued this statement to CBC News:

London DrugsはCBCニュースに対して以下のコメントを出しました。

"We are extremely disappointed…….(Our)preliminary review indicates that this is …due to human error…We have apologized to the patient…and the investigation continues"


Debbie Macdonald intends to pursue her complaint over the pills that could have endangered her pilot son’s life. Eric Rankin, CBC News, Vancouver.

Debbie Macdonal氏は彼女の息子の命を危険にさらしかねたこの一件を裁判に持ち込むつもりでいます。CBCニュースのErik Rankin、バンクーバーからのリポートでした。