"America's Army" is a video game in which the player shoots to kill other soldiers. It was initially developed by the U.S. military to train recruits fourteen years ago, but its commercial popularity has led to newer, more realistic and immersive versions of first-person shooting games. That's what's troubling pediatricians.

America Armyはプレーヤーたちが他の兵士を撃ち殺すビデオゲームです。もともとは米国軍新人兵士の訓練用に14年前に開発されたものです。けれど、商業的人気によって、それは初期のファーストパーソン・シューティングゲームよりさらに新しく、よりリアルで実体験に近いバージョンへと繋がっていきました。

"We've ratcheted it up the violence on screen because our need for it, our appetite for it has increased dramatically."


Seattle doctor Dimitri Kristakas, has long studies the effects of video and video violence on children and teens. He authored new recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It calls on pediatricians to examine what games their young patients play. A large body of research has already established the link to aggression, as well as behavioural and emotional problems in children and teens.
*authored=author~を書く の過去形

シアトルの医師、Dimitri Kristakas氏は子供や青少年に対する、ビデオやビデオ内の暴力が与える影響について長期に渡る調査を続けてきました。米国小児学会から発表されている推奨文の著者でもあります。推奨文では小児科医は小児患者がどんなタイプのゲームをしているのを調査するよう呼び掛けています。大規模研究では子供や青少年の行動情動異常や暴力性と(暴力性の高いビデオゲームと)の関連性が証明されています。

Kristakas says it's time to update the conversation surrounding screen time.


"It's less important, from my perspective, to focus on quantity and more important to focus on quality."


"I'm a hundred percent with it."


This Toronto child psychiatrist agrees with the recommendations. He says parents, and even doctors may not realize the impact violent video games can have on young players.


"What people don't seem to understand is that all these games are actually simulations. And simulations do affect people in terms of it's not just knowledge and skill acquisition, but also attitudes and values."
*simulations=シュミレーション、attitudes and values=価値観や態度


With virtual reality video games on the horizon, the Canadian Pediatric Society is reviewing the research to develop its own guidelines. The article in "Paediatrics" states there is scientific consensus about the effects of virtual violence on children, so it's time to move on with the debate.
*on the horizon=近い将来、reviewing=review(見直す)の~ing形、develop=開発する、states=state(述べる)の3人称形、consensus=コンセンサス


Vic Adopia, CBC News,Toronto.